Why do most people fail with diets?

This article’s title is a little confusing. It is. Why is this? We can be honest and say that most diet plans currently available work. It’s obvious. It is something I am aware of. Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows this. This is no secret.

These books wouldn’t be available on the market, and they wouldn’t sell if they didn’t work at one level. They are subject to some selection process. The market will take care of itself. Good things sell better and get more attention. These diets work. You can see the bestseller lists for diet books.

It is not about whether they help you lose weight. This is obvious. If that were true, they wouldn’t exist. They wouldn’t exist if they didn’t do their jobs. If they did not do their job at any level, or for any other reason, they would not be on the market.

Sustainability is the issue. This is how to define diet failures. Many people go on diet after dieting and fail. They only care about the short-term.

Perhaps they have a high school reunion that they need to attend. They might be going to a job interview. Perhaps they feel pressured to look good so they try a crash diet. Guess what? That’s right. All that weight will come back, just as it does with morning and night. I’m not referring to just one; I’m referring to all.

Most diets don’t work if you give them enough time. People’s inability to or unwillingness focus on sustainability is the main reason.

Let me be clear. If you focus solely on your diet, you will fail. That’s a fact you can take to the bank.

Your life will catch up to your soon. The old ways of doing things will eventually return. These are the things you’re used to doing. Guess what? Your old eating habits, dietary patterns, and food preferences will all return.

You can always gain all the weight you have lost during the middle or early stages of your diet. You end up weighing more, which is an even worse situation. You end up getting heavier, heavier, and more unhappy than before.

Many people end up becoming worse by trying to follow one diet after the other. This is why almost all diets fail. They don’t care about consistency. They are focused on spectacular weight loss. If you know that you will gain it all back, there’s no point in trying to lose all that weight.

Sustainability is key to success in Diet

It is important to understand the concept of sustainability. It’s a good idea not to go on any diet if you are unable to lose weight. It may seem harsh. It may seem extreme to some people. It is, however, the most practical decision you can make. Seriously.

It’s simple, just think about it. It’s absurd to put so much effort into losing weight, when it is certain that you will gain weight back. We shouldn’t be fooled. It takes just a small change to our lifestyle or our schedule to lose weight. Sustainability is the new standard.

The Keto Diet can be sustained

There’s good news. The keto diet is a great alternative to the endless cycle of trying different diets with little or no lasting results. There is an alternative. Many people rush to get in and end up making unsustainable food choices.

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This framework will allow you to transform the keto diet into a lifestyle you can live with for the long-term. Sustainability is the name of this game.

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