egg is the keto diet Best Food

Let’s face facts, the egg, no matter how humble it might appear, has been demonized for decades. It’s hard to find another word to describe what so-called healthcare professionals and dietary experts have done to eggs.

You can think about it: For hundreds of years, if you don’t count thousands, people have relied upon the humble chicken egg as a source of food. It’s not hard to understand why eggs are so cheap. They are very small. They are very portable. They can also be used in a variety of situations.

You can make them into souffles. Omelettes are also possible. They can be baked into many different dishes. They can be used as a firming agent. It can also be used as a binding agent. It can be separated into egg whites or egg yolk. There are so many ways you can use the egg.

It’s a shame that we have been being told for so long that eggs are bad for us. Because cholesterol is so misunderstood, this is a shame.

Thanks to the 10 years of research, we now have an accurate and clear picture about the egg’s effects on human health. What’s the new consensus? The egg, despite being high in cholesterol, actually has many benefits.

It is rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals and has a small calorie count. You will feel fuller for longer periods of time because it is loaded with fat.

It is very sad that eggs, as well as dietary fats and cholesterol, have been stigmatized for so many years. This is because people were distracted from the true culprit.

The real reason America’s expanding waistline is growing is hidden. The obesity epidemic in America, Europe, and other countries with a large middle class is due to a biochemical compound.

Sugar, also known by carbohydrates, is the main culprit in this dietary problem. You can do more harm to your body than fat by eating the steaming bowl of rice, mashed potatoes, and stacks of bread you love.

This is because people tend to consume more carbohydrates and they are very inflammatory. It is clear why carbohydrates are so attractive if you examine their molecular structure. Carbohydrates absorb a lot of water because of their many attractive points.

Your body absorbs a lot of water when you eat lots of carbs. This is not something I can assure you is safe. Inflamed skin is caused by all the water in your blood and in your skin.

Inflammation can be a problem. You are not only prone to developing bad skin or pimples, but you are also prematurely ageing your body. Your bloodstream is under tremendous pressure, which can lead to high blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems. I could go on.

The humble egg is what rises above all this. Although the egg has been unfairly stigmatized over the years, it is actually one of our best friends in the kitchen. If you follow the keto diet, it should be your best friend.

It is rich in clean protein which is essential for tissue repair and building. It has a low calorie footprint and is high in fat. This can cause you to feel fuller for longer periods of time.

Today is the day to rediscover the egg. Click here to get a blueprint to help you switch to keto. It will make it easy and safe. Hint: Eating more eggs is part of the plan. Part of the plan is to eat more eggs.